RedWire IT, is a world-class information technology consulting and systems integration firm specializing in the design and implementation of innovative enterprise applications.

We have vast expertise in building robust J2EE Service Orientated Architecture applications that utilize Business Process Management, Portal, Middleware, and Business Intelligence technologies.

We have offices in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Jacksonville.


Our senior leadership has an average of 14 years of experience developing and deploying large scale solutions. We believe in providing value-added services and high quality solutions that stand the test of time and provide maximum return on investment. Our business philosophy is based on cultivating long-term relationships with our customers through performance, professionalism, integrity, trust, and mutual respect.


RedWire approaches projects based on several basic principles. These project principles are the foundation of our high success rate and ensure that we create high quality systems that positively impact our customer's bottom line.

Business Focus
We first focus on understanding your company's problems and projects from a business perspective. We take as much pride in our business analysis skill as we do in our technical prowess. Our extensive business process management and re-engineering experience allows us to understand how systems and technology will impact your bottom line. Without a firm grasp of operational and financial drivers of your business, even the best technologies and the brightest engineers will be ineffective at producing effective solutions.

Process Focus
RedWire comes from a strong process analysis, automation, and reengineering background. This has lead to our strong practice in Business Process Management and to our process-oriented approach to system design and project methodology. We believe that it is a company's processes that differentiate it from its competitors and provide value to its stakeholders.

Technology Neutrality
RedWire has a very diverse technology skill base. We are very proficient with leading technologies. We will separate the hype from the reality of new technologies, and recommend the strategy that maximizes your return on investment, based on your short term and long-term requirements. We pride ourselves on carrying a large diverse tool belt and our ability to pick the right tool for the job.

Product Neutrality
RedWire partners with software companies that we feel are leaders in their space. However, we are experienced with a wide variety of competing technologies and remain as neutral as possible when asked to architect a new solution. We are knowledgeable in numerous technologies, including Service Orientate Architectures, Web Services, Portals, Business Process Management, J2EE, Middleware, EAI, B2B and B2C.

Product neutrality also means knowing when to build a custom solution, buy a third party product, or create a hybrid solution. We are skilled at both custom application development and integrating third party products, and will provide a make versus buy recommendation taking both short and long term costs into account.

Leverage Existing Systems
A common approach to system design involves wholesale replacement of existing systems and products with a single new product or system. While this approach can be successful, we believe that leveraging existing legacy systems can provide higher value by decreasing project risks and costs. While it may be cost effective to replace some systems, it is often better to leverage existing systems by extending them, integrating them, or wrapping them.

We are experienced in leveraging current systems; we look to see what we can use rather than what we can replace. In doing so, we maximize your return on both your new and existing technology investments.

Phased Implementation
RedWire believes that great things can be accomplished one small step at a time. One of the leading causes IT project failure is taking the big bang approach; trying to implement too much at once. Many systems end up late, over budget, and incomplete because by the time the system is ready to go into production, business requirements have changed, requirements were misinterpreted, and the technology may be inadequate.

We emphasize short achievable phases, by starting with a scoping phase followed by analysis, and proof of concept, prototype, or pilot development phases. These early phases are designed to validate the project approach along with possible technologies and products. Once this validation has been accomplished, a larger scale rollout into production can be achieved. Subsequent phases can then expand the scope and functionality of the system to continue to maximize your return on investment.

Customer Partnership
We look at our customers as partners. We remain successful by providing value-added services that make our customers successful. We provide high quality solutions that stand the test of time and provide maximum return on investment. We cultivate long term relationships with our customers through performance, professionalism, integrity, trust, and mutual respect.